Sport is a very popular pastime around Scottsdale and the north-east. For the locals, football and cricket are very big, as are tennis, netball, basketball,golf, line dancing, harness racing, rodeo, bowls, squash, swimming and hockey. For the traveller, many of these activities are easily accessible.

The Scottsdale Swimming Pool is located in Coplestone Street, Scottsdale. Right next door, is the basketball stadium, the netball courts, and the tennis courst. On the other side are the hockey, cricket and football grounds.

The other major venue for sports is Indoor Action, where there is an Indoor Cricket centre, Squash courts, weights room, and aerobics and Titan workouts.

The beautifully manicured Scottsdale Golf Course is accessible on George Street, and visitors are welcome. It is a nine-hole course, with blackwood-lined fairways and the occasional water hazard.

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